Top 10 Reasons Why it’s FUN being SINGLE

Posted on: December 4, 2009

Marriage may be compared to a cage; the birds outside despair to  get in and those within despair to get out.- Michael de Montaigne

Just six months ago, I received two announcements: one is from a dear friend and the other is from my favorite cousin. My friend was so excited that her long time boyfriend proposed to her (finally!), and now they’re planning to get married. The wedding would be held at around May next year. On the other hand, my cousin (who seems to be a happy go lucky person) also found her man, and was excited to tie the knot this coming January. Of course, I’m happy for them but also nervous that they are not ready yet.

It makes me wonder if my friends, at one point in their relationship, had been embraced by some dark cloud that lifted them off the ground and made them forget the travails that plague so many married couples. Nothing comes easy. Think of all the fun only single-blessedness can give. If I were to get married now, there are thousands of things I’ll miss, among them are the following:

  1. Coming home at four in the morning after a night out with my friends without anybody worrying about me. With a hubby, I would have to go back to being Cinderella, unless I wanted to end my marriage.
  2. Littering the bathroom with female things without some guy complaining about it.
  3. Having all my money to myself.
  4. Occupying the whole bed, using all the pillows and never having to share the blanket.
  5. Disappearing during weekends without feeling guilty.
  6. Thinking about some guy I fancy without feeling guilty.
  7. Working overtime and going home in the dead of night without worrying about dinner.
  8. Playing with my nephews and sending them back to their parents the moment they throw a tantrum.
  9. Using the calendar to remind me of deadlines and not to count my safe days.
  10. No pressure in all things.

Maybe I’m just having so much fun now more than ever.

I don’t intend to knock marriage or discourage would-be brides and grooms. This piece is more of a warning. Like, look again before closing that door, unless you left something important that you can’t come back for. I’ve seen some married couples acting lovely-dovey in front of people, even though the husband beats up his wife in the privacy of their home. One friend’s marriage looks perfect, but in fact her husband is having an extra marital affair.

Maybe I have delusions about finding Mr. Perfect. Perhaps, I am just too much of a cynic. Maybe my two friends are really in love. Or they have grown more mature and found a deeper meaning in life, while I have been left behind.

I look forward to getting married someday, or more precisely, I like the image of me as a mother. I have very strong maternal instincts. Even now, I already feel a lot of love for my future children. And I fervently hope I will have twin daughters. But in the meantime, I think it’s best to be realistic. It would be foolish to get into a situation that will cause one a lot of headache in the future.



17 Responses to "Top 10 Reasons Why it’s FUN being SINGLE"

Yes being single really spells out F-U-N. But then, as years go by and as people get old, settling down spells out more fun.

You do have a good point. Personally, being single doesn’t even make less of a woman. Just enjoy everything and be happy with what you have.

This is dedicated to all the single ladies out there. Yes, we have to admit that being single is FUN, you’re able to do whatever you want to do without thinking of anyone. Nevertheless, as for my own opinion, having someone who lifts you up when you’re feeling down and giving you the best that he/she can is also a great feeling. Yes, it’s FUN, but on the other hand, do not focus on enjoyment and stuff, focus on what will make you feel happy and secured. Great post though.

I am not single. I am married and I really like this part ..nice one! 😉 “I’ve seen some married couples acting lovely-dovey in front of people, even though the husband beats up his wife in the privacy of their home. ” My husband on the other hand is a loyal husband.. but it’s still a struggle on his part to control his emotions… when I was single I cold freely choose.. if I want to end things up it was so much easy for me.. But when I get married, I became so much closer to GOD that even if I became a battered wife it’ll be worth it to stay with the marriage than to be separated.. read the book of Matthews.. you’ll understand then why I am like this.. 🙂

i totally agree, being single is fun; but having someone is sheer happiness. =)

true indeed..but having someone you really wanted is much more satisfying. =)

I love shopping too! nice stuffs here… like the movie “Confession of a Shopaholic” most of the time shopping relieve stress in life. Now to being single… I dunno since I have fun and everything there is with my partner, life is meaningless and empty if I am doing things alone. Very cool stuff….

nice one bro!! =) true indeed

I totally agree! Its fun being single. “You have your brain in your head. You have your feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” — Dr. Seuss

true indeed.. but being alone.. believe me.. is not worth living.. i dunno.. too much freedom sucks i think

i wrote a similar blog four years ago because i was NBSB then (no boyfriend since birth) haha! i told myself that i don’t have to rush things because i’ve seen many marriages that failed. but the moment i experienced how to be inlove and be loved by someone, i realized that it feels better. yes it’s fun to be single because there are no restrictions. but having a partner gives you happiness. but i agree… you have to think 77 x7 times before getting married.

Marriage requires us to give up certain parts of ourselves and often to put our individual dreams on hold for a bit. Many people find that what they wanted in the beginning is totally different than what they want in the end. There is so much give and take in a marriage that it is difficult to keep score and even harder to break even. Is it worth it? Most of the time happily married people will say that it is. But keep in mind that happily married people don’t get that way overnight. In order for a marriage to last, people need to remain in a state of unspoiledness that is tempered to stay true to commitment and willing to work through a lot of mental, emotional and physical garbage. The first ten years are really about the unfolding of the relationship and the people involved. Sometimes it is difficult to know ourselves truly until we are forced into cohabitation with another. Other people feel vehemently that no person should get married regardless of the circumstance. Probably wise to take note of their reasons either way and decide for yourself what kind of life you want.

this is so true.. being single is a choice and not an option.

it’s nice to live in a world that we do have options and not go the same path… i love the specifics of being single… love the article… 🙂

There’s nothing wrong being a single, in fact I lived my 23 years without someone, but sometimes, it also feels good if you have someone to talk to about your day. it’s just a matter of time. You will know when you’re ready. You don’t need to find Mr. Perfect, you just need to find Mr. Right, or maybe, he will find you. 🙂

Being single is not really bad but of course having a partner in life makes a lot of difference….. It’s a commandment that we must obey….


The ideas are enlightening

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